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What is primary truck liablity insurance?

Statistics reveal that the number of truck accidents seen on the state and the interstate levels has seen a spurt in the past few years. Unlike the other motorway accidents, a truck accident causes immense damage and injury to the life and property of third parties more than on the trucks. As these results in the payment of huge amounts as compensation by the truck companies, the federal and state laws have made it mandatory for the trucks to take primary liability truck insurance.

Typically, the premium payable by the truck owner on the primary liability truck insurance is very high. The federal and state laws have made it legal for the truck owners to submit the proof of this insurance before the trucks hit the road. The insurance coverage can vary between $35,000 and $1,000,000. According to the FHWA requirements, the trucks with over 10,000 gross vehicle weights will have to take up a primary liability insurance of $75,000 that compares with the state limits.

The policy amount varies with the area covered by the truck, the experience of the driver and the number of years the company has been in operation. The greater the number of years the business has been in existence, the lower is the policy amount demanded by law.

The truck companies generally do not make a compromise in the amount of the primary liability policy as it saves them from the losses that might otherwise occur in the event of an accident. The risk is more for a company owning a fleet of trucks as the chances for accidents are higher

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