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Do I need a Tow Insurance?????

For those who are looking at buying car or vehicle insurance, it a good idea to keep in mind about the tow insurance as well. Some accidents may be trivial but, there are others where the vehicle suffers considerable damage and cannot be removed from the area immediately.  These vehicles need to towed to be taken to an auto repair shop. And the towing companies charge a hefty amount, not only for towing the vehicle per mile from the scene of the accident but, also include the labor charges to the bill.

Usually, the driver is burdened with this. But if the driver is insured under tow insurance, the auto insurance company would bear the cost of towing the vehicle to the auto repair shop.

This insurance covers the complete cost of towing the vehicle and if labor insurance is inclusive, even those charges would be borne by the insurance company. This insurance can be availed if the vehicle is stuck in an accident or similar conditions.  This is an added advantage and a safety tool to have in hand. It might not be used regularly, but it would be of a great help in emergency situations.

There are various options for this insurance as well. If it is a brand new vehicle, then first thing to be done is to check the car warranty. Most often in the warranty, the towing insurance is also covered. If so, there is no point in wasting time and money on getting an additional protection.

If it is not inclusive, then contact your vehicle insurance dealer and see if this towing insurance can be included for a nominal monthly or yearly fee. Check the fee and the various benefits it covers. Generally it would have a fixed number of miles the vehicle would be towed. Some insurance also include other roadside help like changing the tires and retrieving the keys if they get locked inside the car, etc.

Next step would be to check and compare the insurance terms with that of an auto club. The auto club towing insurance might also contain similar features or they might even add a few others like providing maps, travel routes, etc. now, compare both the rates and benefits  to see which one serves your needs better.

It is always advisable to be protected with the tow insurance as through the lifetime of the auto insurance it is bound to be useful at some point or the other.

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