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Non trucking Laibility

Non-trucking liability insurance covers against the damages in the event of the truck’s use for non-business or personal applications other than for transporting goods and merchandise. Any accident that occurs when the motor carrier is operating on behalf of a leasing company or is pulling a loaded trailer or trip leasing, is, however, brought under the umbrella of primary auto liability insurance. If the motor carrier is under the primary liability coverage, this will not be applicable when it is used for non-economic purpose.

Bobtail liability insurance is another type of insurance coverage that is typically used interchangeably with the non-trucking liability insurance by many. When the truck is operated without a trailer, it is known as bobtailing or deadheading. Bobtail insurance coverage is a policy presented to the leased owner operators when the truck is run without the trailer, irrespective of whether it has been dispatched by the carrier. This insurance offers protection when you are on your way for loading commodities or while you are on the road moving to or from work or even a repair shop.

Bobtail liability insurance and non-trucking liability insurance are different in spite of them being used interchangeably. While non-trucking liability insurance covers a truck when it is without the dispatch irrespective of whether it has a trailer, bobtail insurance typically protects only in the event of an accident that occurs to a tractor when it is being operated without a trailer. Understanding the concepts is, therefore, crucial while making insurance decisions.

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