Commercial Truck Insurance Faq

Frequently asked Questions (FAQ)

When does the DMV issue the certificates of insurance?Once money is received at our office we send a request to the DMV to issue the filings. Given normal mailing time, the DMV should receive the filing in 2-3 days. The DMV must then match up the filing with the permit and this can take up to two weeks. See DMV link for further details.
How do I provide proof of insurance sent to my employer?Proof of insurance can be provided to an employer in the form of a certificate of insurance. Our office will need the name and address phone or fax of the person or company where the certificate needs to be sent.
Does rightstopins Insurance charge fees should an adjustment be made to my account?rightstopins Insurance does not charge for the processing of any policy change or certificates nor do we believe ANY other broker should charge for such services.
What Coverage do I need if I am starting my own business?For Commercial Trucking and Transportation the following coverage is most common.
$1mm: Commercial Auto Liability
$1000 deductible: Physical Damage
$100,000: Motor Truck Cargo
$1000: Non-Owned Trailer coverage
If I have paid for one truck and decide I want to transfer coverage to a different truck what will my reimbursements or penalties be?Several factors effect a replacement of vehicles. Based on the value and type of unit there may be a credit or debit created by replacing a vehicle.
If I decide to make additions to my policy, will I receive discounts on the added trucks?There are typically no multi vehicle discounts/credits until the number of truck/tractors reaches 4 or more. Credits are given based on a number factors regardless of the size. Those credits are most often based on claims history, age of equipment and DMV record of drivers employed. Keep in mind that we will charge the same premium for additional units, but when added to the policy mid-term, the premium will be pro-rated.
What penalties will I incur if I decide to terminate my Commercial Truck Insurance policy early? Will this affect my credit? You can cancel your policy at any time. An early Termination fee will be $100. You may go online or have a written request to cancel your Commercial Insurance policy and fax to us. You are, however, expected to pay all premiums that have accrued to your account.
How many points can a driver have before being affected with higher premiums?This is determined by the cause of the point, typically 5 points is our max. For your Commercial Trucking Insurance Policy.
How long will a claim affect my Commercial Insurance premiums?Approximately 3 years.
Is it possible to insure a driver who has a DUI on his Record?Yes. We make it every effort to build the proper policy for just about any Driver. We understand that these are unlucky circumstances and every one should have a chance.
What is the benefit of buying direct with an insurance company Vs. an Insurance Broker?An insurance Company in Commercial Transportation Insurance can provide you with many more options with more coverage. A broker may also due the same but may have to endure all those broker fees that are also attached to there policy and financed with high interest rates.
Why is there an additional premium on sub haulers that are currently insured?Because you can be held legally liable for the actions of your sub haulers.
Why would I still have to pay a premium for “Parked Trucks”?Even though you have parked the truck/tractor/dump truck etc., we may still responsible for any claim that may arise from the operation of that equipment. Until the truck/tractor is either listed as non-operational with the DMV or is sold or totaled in an accident, we may continue to charge an insurance premium.
Does Right Stop Insurance have policies for drivers who need to be insured out of Truck Driving School?We specialize with drivers that have at least 1 year experience driving the same type of equipment within the USA. We can also accommodate with less experienced drivers.
Why do I have to report minor accidents to my insurance carrier?Most states require that accidents with more then $500.00 in property damage or any bodily injury be reported to the Department of Motor Vehicles. Any accident or occurrence regardless of fault needs to be reported to your insurance carrier right away to enable proper claims handling. Even when the other party admits fault at the accident scene, it does not preclude you from being financially responsible for part or all of the damages. A professional investigator/adjuster handling your claim as soon as possible is the best guarantee for you and the insurance company that the claim will be properly investigated and settled as quickly as possible.
How soon do I need to insure a new hire driver and why?Truck/Tractor and/or Drivers may not be covered unless we are properly notified.
How do I make changes to my policy using your website?Please see Policy Change Requests
What permits do I need if I decide to operate nationwide?FMCSA MC Authority with a DOT number. Truck registration requires IRP, Unified Carrier Registration (UCR) and IFTA. Depending upon which states you operate in, there may be individual state permits needed also.
What are our hours of operation?Our office opens at 7:30am till 5:30pm (PST) Monday through Friday; we close on weekends and holidays.
What methods of payments are accepted?We accept many forms of payment by personal check, Comcheck, Visa/MasterCard and American Express, Western Union and any other method you might propose that we can accommodate. We can also take your check by Phone or Fax and you can make payments directly online via the internet.
For my state, what coverage is required?The insurance requirements will depend on each state your are residing and and the type of operation you are engaged in. Contact your local Department of Motor Vehicles and/or the Public Utilities Commission for more specific information.
How fast can you issue certificates?During regular business hours, we can have certificates issued immediately upon request. Or you may also access your account 24/7 to print certificates of insurance
Can you issue my filing on time and correctly?DMV and ICC/FHA insurance filings are completed by our filing dept. once insurance coverage is purchased by our client. We issue the filing and send them directly to the specific government authority. To assure that filings are issued correctly please have your authority number available will speaking to a customer service representative.
Why should I change insurance Carriers I’ve been with mine for many years?rightstopins Insurance believes in excellent customer service and reliable information. rightstopins Insurance specializes in the trucking industry and that’s all we due.
Can I get loss runs on a regular basis?Yes, loss runs are available to you anytime just call or click here to get them.
Do you have a loss control specialist?We can provide loss control services through outside loss control specialists. Our staff can also provide loss control recommendations.
How will I know when I am covered?Our office can provide proof of insurance or vehicle ID cards via fax, mail or access your account 24/7 and print them online.
How do I get started?If you want to purchase Commercial insurance coverage after a quote has been provided, you need to contact our office to discuss details of payment and to confirm vehicle identification numbers, drivers etc.
How much will the insurance cost me?There are many variables that affect the cost of your Commercial insurance. It is best to contact our office and provide the needed information for the most comprehensive and competitive insurance product available.
Will my insurance company pay me the same dollar amount I insure my equipment for?Most insurance Co. will pay the Actual Cash Value of your vehicle at the time of loss up to the stated amount on your policy, less your deductible.
How old should a driver be?Our Standard age is 24. We will accept younger drivers depending on the driving record. Contact your customer service representative when considering a driver.
How many years experience should a driver have?A commercial driver should have a minimum of 1 years experience driving the same type of equipment.
If there is damage done to my tractor or trailer such as the engine blowing out, how much with the insurance company pay for the damages?When a frame breaks, floor buckles or engine fails, it is considered mechanical breakdown or metal fatigue. You may want to consult your manufactures' warranty material to determine if coverage can be provided.
When should I expect to hear from my adjuster after the claim I made?An insurance adjuster should make contact within 48 hours of reporting the accident - depending on severity of the claim.
Should I carry higher limits than required?Our office recommends to all our clients to carefully consider their insurance needs. Higher limits of liability insurance should be a consideration.
What does ACV mean?ACV means “Actual Cash Value”. The actual cash value of equipment is what the same type of equipment would cost in “today’s” market.

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