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Dump Truck Insurance

Driving a dump truck comes with certain hazards attached to it. If driving commercially, dump truck insurance is needed in order to defend all those that are involved. Over the years, rigs have gotten bigger, which makes the likelihood of tipping over greater. These accidents tend to occur more with semitrailers than with straight trucks. The statistics of these happenings are not very accurate. If no one is injured during one of these tipping episodes, no report is filed. Only a couple reports have been made in the past two years. One of these was actually a fatality, while one was a serious injury. These instances were both caused by dump trucks tipping over.

Insurance is needed for dump trucks hauling commercially, no matter what sort of materials are being transported. Various forms of materials being hauled include; removal of construction materials, aggregate, asphalt for road and foundation construction or snow and ice removal in the winter. Companies specializing in the hauling of aggregate usually provide Primary Liability Insurance coverage for their drivers. This part of dump trunk insurance will include coverage for bodily injury and property damage.

When dump trucks are used for removal of snow and ice, off-season insurance can be changed. The operator of the dump truck being used for winter only can switch to a policy known as the comprehensive policy. This enables the driver’s truck to be insured during off-season, but the regular commercial truck insurance policy doesn’t have to be renewed or canceled with each season. Dump truck insurance needed for commercial operation falls under commercial vehicle insurance.

This type of Insurance is used by; individuals, small or large fleets, owner operators, or entire trucking companies. This type of coverage is needed in order to protect operators of dump trucks, as well as all others involved. Coverage of bodily injury, as well as property damage are both included in this.

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