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Dump Truck Insurance

Dump truck insurance is necessary to reduce the impact of accidents that generally occur due to dump truck tipping and other causes. Irrespective of the material transported, the insurance taken must cover all aspects involved in the process of hauling goods. It is offered to all, like the trucking companies, small and large fleet owners, owner operators and even individuals. Whether the dump truck hauls aggregate, or asphalt for the road construction, or is used to remove the gravel, or the removal of snow during winter, they need to be insured.

The degree of danger posed by the goods transported, the driving record of the employee in the dump truck, the age of the truck, the personal items of the employee placed in the truck, all have a role in the definition of the insurance premium payable by the company.

If the business house owns a fleet of dump trucks, the insurance agent might present them with a fleet insurance that covers against the damages to all the trucks in the fleet as one package. Being commercial trucks, the owners of the trucks will be required to safeguard against the third party injury to the person as well as the property.

The dump trucks used to remove the snow and ice, which is a seasonal job, can go for differing policies to cover during the season and during off-season. Like other truck insurances, the dump truck can have protection against the damage caused by natural or man-made calamities, theft, fire, collision and other causes. It is not the dump truck that can be insured; anyone and everything related to or in the immediate vicinity of the truck gets covered by the different insurance schemes.

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