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Trucking seems to be a very dangerous profession. It is estimated that about 600 drivers a year die in highway accidents. Driving certain types of rigs like tankers and flatbeds is stated to be the most dangerous major occupations in the country. It is reported that about 55% of all class 8 (semis) driver fatalities occur in rollover accidents while another 10% occur in fuel oil fires.
Truck drivers act as channels in various businesses and they drive large, bulky vehicles for several hours for covering hundreds of miles each transaction. Truck driver safety is crucial in the trucking industry, for cargo protection, the drivers lives, and other vehicles on the road. The most thing a truck driver need for his and others safety is to master the skills unique to operating a truck in traffic, making sure the vehicle is properly maintained, and staying alert while driving to minimize the chances of an accident.
In the United States, prospective truck drivers learn about safety concerns through specialized driver training schools and on-the-job instruction in the first weeks of employment. They also need to know how to reduce their speed gradually and drive defensively on the road. Truckers must be aware of the limitations of their vehicles. They should not forget that the vehicles they are driving are large and heavy and require extra time and need to take precautions to come to a stop and need wide angles while turning. In short, the drivers must make adjustments for stopping at short distance, turning ratios, and navigation of streets in order to maintain complete safety.

Proper maintenance of the truck is also essential for truck driver’s safety. The truck driver should make sure that tires are properly inflated, engine fluids are at appropriate levels, and windshields are clean and in good shape before a trip. Also, it is important to ensure that a truck is not overloaded with cargo because excess weight affects the truck’s steering and performance.
Another common safety concern in the trucking industry is the alertness of drivers. Many companies carefully regulate the number of miles or hours a driver is allowed to go in one trip. Driving for longer hours is going to leave a driver very tired and drained out and also affects his vision and health. Additionally, professional drivers are required to comply with federal laws and industry standards regarding drugs and alcohol. Most companies routinely drug test drivers in order to preserve the safety of everyone on the road.
Due to the above concerns, truck driver safety is now emphasized in training programs for new drivers. Individuals receive classroom and practical instruction on safety concerns in training sessions when they learn the basics of driving a heavy vehicle. It is mandatory that a driver has the ability to demonstrate his safety knowledge in order to obtain a license and gain employment in the trucking industry.

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