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If you’re an owner-operator you already know the routine, because it happens every year; you sit down with an agent, choose a insurance company to insure your truck, settle on a policy that seems to meet your needs, and sign a check that guarantees coverage.

Companies that insure motor carriers, trucks, and drivers are not all the same. Some sell through independent agents, others through their own sales staffs. Some specialize in commercial truck insurance, while others sell it as one of a secondary line of coverages they offer. Some companies specialize in specific insurance within the motor-carrier industry, such as large fleets, temperature-controlled equipment, or owner-operators. Some cover thousands of small customers, while others only handle a few big ones.

This intense specialization suggests your first insurance-buying decision: Buy from a company that specializes in truck insurance. Because nonspecialists too often overlook specialized details. A specialist would know to ask whether you need this coverage and could recommend a policy that provides it at a price an owner-operator can afford..

A non-specialist agent may be less knowledgeable about USDOT’s MCS-90 endorsement, or about the motor-carrier filing requirements of the various state regulatory agencies. Non-specialists, basing their underwriting decisions on auto or light truck criteria, are sometimes overly restrictive regarding the number of moving violations a driver is permitted. They can be unfamiliar, too, with the high/wide load and weight limitations in different states. They may be independents who work for your insurer as needed, mixing a few truck accident investigations into a workload focused mostly on fires, or auto or industrial accidents.

Finally, specialists and non-specialists differ greatly in the way they investigate and verify claims. Insurance people see themselves as “selling peace of mind.” And, while that may sound like a cliche, it’s true–and it’s important. Although nothing tangible changes hands when you sign the policy and turn over your check, something dramatic happens nevertheless: you’re free of worry. If you should have an accident, you’re covered.

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